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Thank you for sponsoring a caterpillar for this upcoming Chrysalis Flight. Here are a few reminders about how to sponsor a new participant. If you have any questions about this process, please send an email to "" with questions. Please make sure that your caterpillar has filled out THEIR application form.


Attached here is a suggestion letter that you could send out to friends and family to gather agape letters for your caterpillar. As a goal, shoot for collecting 15 LETTERS  written by loved ones. Make sure your caterpillar sees the BEFORE FLIGHT page prior to their weekend. Please do not share any sponsor information with the participant so that the experience can be a surprise. Feel free to share this Parent Letter with a guardian.


Please bring your caterpillar to Send-off on Saturday morning at 8:00am.

COMMUNITY MEMBERS: Please be here to support your caterpillar at Candlelight on Sunday evening at 8:00pm.

Please be here to pick your caterpillar up at
Closing on Monday afternoon at 4:00pm.


The current caterpillar fee is $60.00 and is to be paid to Southern Ohio Chrysalis. This fee can be mailed to: Rochelle Barney at 2006 Baird Avenue in Portsmouth, OH 45662. While often a gift of agape love, it is not your responsibility to pay the caterpillar fee, so please speak with your participant about 
who will be paying this fee. 


⊛  Collect Agape Letters

⊛  Send-off is Saturday at 8:00am

⊛  Candlelight is Sunday at 8:00pm

⊛  Closing is Monday at 4:00pm

⊛  Don't spoil big events, but answer

caterpillar questions so they feel comfortable
(food. games. talks. etc.)

 Packing (Dress Clothes for "A special evening")

⊛  Pray for your caterpillar

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