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Thank you for volunteering to pray for the upcoming Chrysalis flight. Please fill out the form below for an upcoming flight to commit to a time slot. We encourage you to fill time slots that are currently empty first before doubling up. Thank you for your prayers!


Kitchen Staff

Prayer Vigil

Making Agape

Thank you for being a part of the Kitchen team for the upcoming flight! To sign-up for kitchen staff, you must have been a participant of either Chrysalis or Emmaus. Please fill out the form below to be registered to serve. Thank you so much!


Thank you for sharing the love of Jesus Christ with the caterpillars on this upcoming weekend. If you are interested in making agape, we suggest creating 30 pieces for bedtimes and 60 pieces for mealtimes.
If you have other questions on how you might help, please contact our Agape Coordinators, Caitlyn McKell and Alice Maggard. Thank you for sharing agape love and putting a smile on everyone's faces this weekend!

Thank you for deciding to volunteer for an upcoming flight. Please click the link above to fill out the form so we know what ways you would be interested in helping. From praying for participants to serving on a team to even cleaning the toilets, everyone has a role to play in God's kingdom. We appreciate you choosing to fulfill that role at Chrysalis!

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