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We're excited to see you!

What's New?

    You're on it right now so feel free to click the links at the top or HERE to explore. You can now fill out most every form we have digitally. This includes meal service, prayer vigil, and even applications! You will notice some spreadsheets that will be manually updated for you to remind yourself of your service times. We expect to work out some bugs here and there, so if you spot one, please let us know!


    We have made sponsorship even easier. You are now able to fill-out a form as a sponsor from your home, while a caterpillar does the same, without having to pass an application back and forth. All you need to do is send the caterpillar their link while you fill-out the sponsor link, then we will make the connection for you. Paying fees will work the same as it always has as you can mail them in, pay them to a board member, or give them at send-off.


    Now is the time to talk about hoots! You're actually at one right now. Hoots are our way of meeting back together as a community to grow closer to each other and to God. We welcome you to invite anyone and everyone to our Chrysalis Hoots. We will continue to have monthly Hoots that will be on the last Tuesday of each month. (For example, our next hoot will be APRIL 26th, 2022.) But, we will also be having Quarterly Hoots on weekend dates that will be BIG like today. We will do more than just service as we plan to have many activities involved. We will keep you updated on when our next Quarterly event will take place.


    We. Have. FACEBOOK! Please find us on Facebook so that you can be informed of our upcoming events in the community. To find our Facebook, simply search "Southern Ohio Chrysalis" and look for our logo. You can also go to this site's main page and find the stream from there. Don't have Facebook? No problem. Send us an email to be added to our chain for more notifications. Our email address is: We hope to hear from you, so you can hear from us.

Girls: July 9-11th, 2022
Boys: July 16-18th, 2022

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