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What is a sponsor? Who can be one? Why do we need them?

To be a sponsor, you are encouraged to have completed a 3-day experience such as Chrysalis or Emmaus. But, parents are welcome to sponsor their children as well. Sponsors must be willing orchestrate the Chrysalis experience for the caterpillar by supporting them throughout the weekend and in their Next Steps.

A sponsor encourages the new caterpillar before, during, and after a Chrysalis experience. Sponsorship 
includes attending Send-off, Candlelight, and Closing as well as collecting Agape for the participant. A sponsor will make sure applications are turned in digitally and discuss financial payment with their caterpillar. Be sure that your caterpillar is well prepared for their flight by sharing THIS PAGE with them.

Without sponsors, the Chrysalis experience would not be as impactful as it is. Since Chrysalis is a "crash course" in Christianity, participants only attend one weekend before helping future flights as a community member. This means that YOU are needed to spread the word of the Chrysalis experience and the love of Jesus Christ to your friends and family.

Please prayerfully consider sponsoring a caterpillar for an upcoming flight.

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