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What is a sponsor? Who can be one? Why do we need them?


A sponsor encourages the new caterpillar before, during, and after a Chrysalis experience. Sponsorship allows a connection between one participant to the other by passing down the gift of agape love. This show how God purposefully reaches people through other people. 


To be a sponsor, one must have completed a 3-day experience such as Chrysalis or Emmaus. Sponsors must be willing orchestrate the Chrysalis experience for the caterpillar by supporting them throughout the weekend and in their Next Steps.


Without sponsors, the Chrysalis experience would not be as impactful as it is. We need people who are willing to invest into their loved ones and put their love into action. These acts of agape make Chrysalis meaningful and are necessary. 

Please prayerfully consider sponsoring a caterpillar for an upcoming flight.

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